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Costa Rica
 Vegas de Santiago "Signature Brand" Cigar Tobacco
Unique... in all the World!

Until recent  times.... Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras
have made a reputation for themselves in the Cigar World, while Costa Rica was 
known... for it's  exceptional  Coffee and Agriculture.

Because of our exceptional Agricultural knowledge and expertise, Costa Rica, 
also produces some of the finest cigars in the world!

Vegas Santiago SA, the largest Cigar Manufacturer in Costa Rica, along with
the Association of Tabacaleros de Puriscal in Costa Rica, (Our Tobacalero
Co-op, consisting of 200 of the most knowledgeable and futuristic Tobacco
Growers in Central America), produce the famous "Vegas de Santiago"
VdS  "Puro" Originales and "Edicion Especial" Cigars, using only their
finest "Costa Rican" Cigar  Tobaccos.

Our Costa Rican Cigar Tobacco Growers... have refined the growing
of "Cigar Tobacco" to a science. They began with "specially selected" 
cigar tobacco seeds from Cuba and then blended in cigar tobacco 
seeds from Costa Rica and created a Costa Rican Cigar
("The VdS Puro"), that far exceeds the Cuban Cigar
in it's smoothness, taste and aroma.

They "created" a whole new Cigar "Signature" Brand, for the country of 
Costa Rica! This cigar can be found no where else in the  world!

Made in Costa Rica, with all Costa Rica ingredients...
the "VdS Puro" has become the "new standard" of Excellence.

Vegas de Santiago "Cigar Tobacco" Plantation
in Santiago de Puriscal in Costa Rica.

Vegas de Santiago's special "signature brand" of Cigar Tobacco is touched
by the Gods... because it is grown with the "Secrets of the Shaman" from 
the rainforests of Costa Rica.

In addition to it's unique flavor and aroma, the Vegas de Santiago "Puro" 
is organic.  Because its leaves are grown in the high volcanic mountains of 
Santiago de Puriscal, their special "Costa Rican" Cigar Tobacco, magically 
invites sunshine and nutrients to it's tobacco leaves, while discouraging 
insects, who would normally love to taste their delicacy.

Then, using the "Secrets of the Shaman", they insure that both
before curing and after curing, they use a freeze dry 
method, to dispel any  insects, that may have sneaked
into any of the drying, tobacco bundles. 
Pure, organic Costa Rica cigars!

In their pride for their special "signature brand" Cigar Tobacco, 
Vegas Santiago SA has created a new cigar line, called  "The Shaman"
cigar, (It is called "Chaman" in Spanish)!

Although all Vegas de Santiago cigars, in actuality are Shamans! 
Created through the Shamanic Sciences with the magic of Alchemy!

National Geographic Society describes Costa Rica as:
"The most bio-diverse country... in the world". 

This includes the "plant and agriculture" biodiversity! In a country, as
bio-diverse as Costa Rica...  it stands to reason that they would 
create a whole new outstanding "Cigar Tobacco", that 
outshines all other "Cigar Tobaccos" in the world.


National Geographic and Scientists from all over the world,
are discovering unsuspected natural resources, in many tropical
plants, from berries and palms to extract oils and essences to 
leaves for thatching.

Tobacco, was one of the first plants... created by the gods.

Sustainable agriculture has climbed to the top of many
countries' priorities in both the developed and developing
world. Growth of sustainable agriculture in Costa Rica has
implications that go far beyond environmental responsibility
and economic profitability.

There are still unclassified species, yet to be studied.

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